The venture token

Benchmark tokens give their holders the exclusive opportunity to participate in global projects.
Malta-based company compliant with European laws. Token sale hosted and coordinated in Switzerland.
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Token sale starts

28 May, 10am CET
Current Stage: Pre-Sale
Current Discount: 25% i Participate now

Our solution

Our highly skilled team of venture capital, business and financing experts will assess the viability of all projects and provide a gateway to sustainable projects via the BMK token
Complete and transparent process from project evaluation to funding. Participants will be able to monitor projects via their website, social media platforms and can also request to visit the specific operation if they are in the country.

Additional use cases of the BMK in the near future


BMK is required to make the marketplace function, programmatic access - (e.g. recruitment of new users, operations and additional functionality on the marketplace)


For all funded projects BMK will become the primary payment method, e.g each successful project listed on our marketplace will benefit from services provided through BMK. It will also used as the base currency to provide peer to peer loans through the Benchmark Finance Company in various companies and as a means of exchange for payments between various ring-fenced companies

New product development

In the future, in order to increase BMK adoption we will see the creation of the Benchmark wallet and Benchmark ATMS to serve employees and customers at major Benchmark installations


Potential for off-chain integrations (e.g. M-Pesa)


Access to marketplace and entry fee when launching a new project, access to additional membership tools and early access to new projects


Projects you can participate in
- with more to come

Participate with us in numerous scalable, ring fenced projects in cutting edge Fintech and in Planet Friendly Recycling, 360-degree green building and renewable energy. Be involved for the long term through Real Estate Investment Trusts.
Benchmark Finance Company
Teaching the unbanked majority to be financially literate and how to become savers, entrepreneurs and sophisticated investors.
Key fact
Businesslike but affordable finance options at the lower end of the market through the proven principles of the Grameen Bank model.
Material Recycling Facility
Our first proposed Material Recycling Facility will be in Alexandra near Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a highly profitable business in which most of your input material comes with a payment from the parties delivering the material because the business represents the only viable alternative to dumping in a landfill.
Key fact
Practically unlimited supply of suitable waste material delivered to site at no charge. Excellent labour supply in an adjoining township. Solves a major environmental problem.
REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)
Participate in profitable, prime real estate at very low cost. Strong cash flow advantages at minimal risk.
Key fact
We make green building materials, we develop the properties and then together we own them through a REIT.
Amazing technology that enables water purification or water desalination with the simultaneous generation of renewable energy using only hear from the sun, at a huge reduction on current costs.
Key fact
Scalable from small users to large communities. A key factor in enabling us to take property developments off the grid.
Benchmark Hedge Fund
Benchmark aims to start a new cryptocurrency hedge fund that will execute value enhancement activities for the BMK community and ensure demand for the Token.
Key fact
Last year, Crypto Hedge Funds globally produced an average return of 1,000 per cent on all funds (Source: Bloomberg)


Q1 2018

  • Incorporation Benchmark International in Malta
  • Selection of first five projects open for participation

Q2 2018

  • Start of Presale
  • Start of Public Sale

Q3 2018

  • Platform launch and access to projects

Q4 2018

  • Platform upgrade including enhanced monitoring features
  • Platform adds additional projects


  • Continuous implementation of further use cases for the BMK.


Token Sale

Token name & Ticker
Benchmark, BMK
Total supply
300,000,000 BMK
Hard cap
US$ 30,000,000
Soft cap
US$ 100,000
Available for Sale
50,000,000 BMK
– Presale
20,000,000 BMK
– Public Sale
30,000,000 BMK
Exchange rate
$ 1.00 = 1 BMK
Min. purchase
50 BMK
120 days on presale tokens
Unsold tokens

Early Contributor Discounts

75% until 28 Apr 2018
50% until 12 May 2018
25% until 26 May 2018
Volume (USD)
min. $1,000
min. $5,000
min. $10,000
min. $20,000
min. $50,000
min. $100,000
Participate now


A purchase of $5,000 in the First Series at $0.25 per BMK will give BMK 20,000 plus a 10% bonus of BMK 2,000 to total BMK 22,000. This would be valued at US$22,000 during the ITO.
A purchase of $100,000 in the First Series at $0.25 per BMK will give BMK 400,000 plus a 50% bonus of BMK 200,000 to total BMK 600,000. This would be valued at US$600,000 during the ITO.


Token distribution

7% Presale

10% ITO

13% ITO #2

17% Benchmark Hedge

10% Acquisition

10% Bancor (liquidity)

33% Founders & Startup costs


Use of Funds

27% Real Estate Investment Trust

23% Fintech Project

20% Portuguese R&D Facility

20% Future Operating Capital, Expenses and Marketing

10% Material Recycling Facility

Strategic partners

Our team

Pieter Coetzer

Corporate Finance and Business Development

Denis Quayle

Corporate Finance and Business Development

Zulekha Cara Flag of South Africa

Zulekha Cara

Crypto Entrepreneur and Trader

Dr. Douglas Lund

Real Estate Development and Construction

Muzi Kubeka Flag of South Africa

Muzi Kubeka

Operations and Finance Management

Ian Sibusiso Gwebu Flag of South Africa

Ian Sibusiso Gwebu

Chemical Engineer

Johan Gouws

Electrical Engineer

Dr. Carsten Weinreich

Endocrinologist and Physician

Rick Williams

Attorney, Public Company Capital Formation, Business Development

Jasper Cloete

Generational Wealth/Cooperative Banking/Entrepreneurship Development

Michael Hibbard

Business Development Specialist/Mining Executive

Christopher Smith

Entrepreneur/Investment Banker

Mike Spencer

Master Practioner Real Estate/Property Developer Consultant

Pieter Coetzer Jr.

Project Planning and Management

Chris Mutale Flag of Zambia

Chris Mutale


Christian Ellul Flag of Malta

Dr. Christian Ellul

Strategic Partner/Legal and Taxation Advisor

Dr Frederick Hölscher Flag of South Africa

Dr. Frederick Hölscher

Stakeholder relationships and Social Enterprise Development

Luke Szkudlarek Flag of Switzerland

Luke Szkudlarek


Mario Colombo Flag of Switzerland

Mario Colombo


Alexei Strasser Flag of Switzerland

Alexei Strasser

Blockchain Strategy & Tokenomics


Please check our Resource section and our social media channels. If you got further questions, you can reach out to us on Telegram.

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