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The following are not permitted to participate in the Token Offer:
I understand that with respect to prohibited jurisdiction, participants being either (i) a natural person wishing to become a Participant and being a citizen, national, resident or having a similar connecting factor to; or (ii) a juridical person wishing to become a Participant and being incorporated, registered or effectively managed and controlled from or in: (a) a country, jurisdiction or territory where where the Token Offer, if applicable, or the holding and use of Tokens and/or virtual currencies or other tokens at any other moment in time is prohibited by laws, regulations or other practices and policies in the said country, jurisdiction or territory, which is taken to include, but is not limited to U.S.A., China, Singapore or any other jurisdictions where the aforementioned are prohibited or in (b) countries, regimes and organisations which are subject to international sanctions issued by the United Nations Security Council, European Union or by the United States of America as updated from time to time and which shall include persons, groups and entities subject to such sanctions. This shall include any person representing or acting on behalf of such restricted Prohibited Participant/s in any manner or capacity whether openly or covertly;